"FoodMan increased my profits by £50k last year."

Warren Patton, Patton’s Bakery

"FoodMan saved us 40 hours per week on administration.Now we spend that time on Sales."

Audrey Ferguson, Country Kitchen

"FoodMan helped us save £1,500 per month on returns."

Kingshill Bakery

"FoodMan allowed me to double my business in 2 years."

Warren Patton, Patton’s Bakery

"No more lost paper dockets for us."

Tracey Hall, Davonne House Bakes

"If you think you can do it - you can, if you think you can’t - you are probably right"

Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company

"We no longer miss an order or charge wrong prices."

Kingshill Bakery

"We cut down on our paperwork so much that we have one drawer less paper each quarter."

Audrey Ferguson, Country Kitchen

If you want your business to be the most profitable, modern business, then let us help you to take the next step…

The Best way to take orders, confirm deliveries, capture signatures, reduce credits and manage stock is the FoodMan way!

FoodMan is:

Easy to use handheld solution for your van sales reps and production and admin staff, which from Day 1 will reduce your business operating costs, increase sales and reduce returns while improving cash flow.
Typical savings of around 2 hours per van route, per day are achieved by elimination of paperwork and stopping delivery errors.

All delivery notes and invoices are held electronically and visible in real time back at the office, saving you countless administration hours.
By eliminating hand written dockets you will be able to accelerate your billing and improve cash flow because you will be able to invoice your customers as soon as the goods are delivered.
Web based, accessible from anywhere on any internet enabled device back office system provides simple, instant information that allows you to easily gauge Salesman performance and Profits.
What is captured in the field is available for you to see right away. Integration with your existing accounting package like Sage allows automated and instant invoicing.

1.) Our stock module allows you to keep a close eye on what gets despatched from the warehouse, ensuring all goods are accounted for while filling your vans for stock.

2.) You can keep an eye on your operation no matter where you are. FoodMan Back Office works on any internet enabled device. Out on the road it will work on your Smart Phone, when you are on holidays you can use your iPad or Tablet to keep an eye out.

3.) FoodMan allows full mobile workforce visibility via a real-time view into where each van is.