"FoodMan increased my profits by £50k last year."

Warren Patton, Patton’s Bakery

"FoodMan saved us 40 hours per week on administration.Now we spend that time on Sales."

Audrey Ferguson, Country Kitchen

"FoodMan helped us save £1,500 per month on returns."

Kingshill Bakery

"FoodMan allowed me to double my business in 2 years."

Warren Patton, Patton’s Bakery

"No more lost paper dockets for us."

Tracey Hall, Davonne House Bakes

"If you think you can do it - you can, if you think you can’t - you are probably right"

Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company

"We no longer miss an order or charge wrong prices."

Kingshill Bakery

"We cut down on our paperwork so much that we have one drawer less paper each quarter."

Audrey Ferguson, Country Kitchen

FoodMan Warehouse module allows you to see what the stock levels your products have across your warehouse. Every product is barcoded and can be in-taken or picked into orders.

Reduce effort required in the warehouse by automating existing paper based manual processes.

Controlling Goods In, Goods Out via handheld mobile devices, updating the back office in real-time, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual entry process. Barcode scanning is supported on the mobile devices.
Orders can be assigned directly to Van drivers or Warehouse operatives for picking and loading.
Advanced Reports will allow you to decide whether you have enough stock to satisfy a potential order.

Intake of stock into the warehouse is tracked and automated.
Create Orders, Picking Lists and manage Dispatches from the Warehouse

Simple to use One touch button direct Sage integration.

Seamlessly automates with FoodMan Back Office for POD and Delivery functionality.