"FoodMan increased my profits by £50k last year."

Warren Patton, Patton’s Bakery

"FoodMan saved us 40 hours per week on administration.Now we spend that time on Sales."

Audrey Ferguson, Country Kitchen

"FoodMan helped us save £1,500 per month on returns."

Kingshill Bakery

"FoodMan allowed me to double my business in 2 years."

Warren Patton, Patton’s Bakery

"No more lost paper dockets for us."

Tracey Hall, Davonne House Bakes

"If you think you can do it - you can, if you think you can’t - you are probably right"

Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company

"We no longer miss an order or charge wrong prices."

Kingshill Bakery

"We cut down on our paperwork so much that we have one drawer less paper each quarter."

Audrey Ferguson, Country Kitchen

The QL420 is an industrial, reliable, ruggedized, tough machine. Battery life of this printer is second to none it has a massive 4400 mAh Li-Ion battery

This mobile printer securely and efficiently prints shipping and other 4 inch (102mm) label/receipt printing applications

Suited for many applications including pick tickets, forklift-mounted printing, customer pickup, shipment labelling and more.

The QL420 Plus direct thermal mobile printer delivers print widths up to 4.09” (103.9mm). In addition to offering the rugged construction, user-friendly options the enhanced QL420 Plus printer is specially designed for complex mobile printing applications. It’s built to handle increased levels of wireless security and to process complex labels up to four times faster, making it ideal for the secure transfer of sensitive data such as price lists, customer information, and medical records. The QL420 Plus is ideal for many applications, including pick tickets, forklift-mounted printing, customer pickup, shipment labelling, inventory updates, meter reading receipts, delivery verification invoices, and gas and utility inspection documentation.

  1. Print method: Direct thermal
  2. Rubber infused plastic over-mold design for tough conditions
  3. Battery monitoring via a battery low indicator light or gauge on the optional LCD
  4. Lithium ion battery
  5. Clamshell” design and centre locking media loading
  6. Quick Flip Peel and Present Mode

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