Patton's Bakery Newtownards

The Award Winning "Patton's Bakery" commenced trading in 2004 in Newtownard's Northern Ireland. Patton's is a family owned traditional bakery and is personally run and developed by Warren Patton, its owner, a highly qualified, well known and respected baker of some 22 years' experience. Warren has established in his bakery an Award Winning baking tradition using his own unique baking recipes, techniques and flare for producing High Quality Breads, Cakes and Savouries.

InfoSoft NI

Specializes in creating custom solutions that remove paperwork and re-keying of data and automate ordering and invoicing customers. Our solutions allow business owners to achieve a smarter and more effective operational excellence within their business. They save time & money, reduce returns and increase sales. Not a single two businesses are the same and therefore each and every one of our solutions including FoodMan is heavily customised to the exact requirements of each of our customers.

FoodMan Implementation

Patton's Bakery has been using the FoodMan business management solution since November 2012. Warren Patton the bakery's owner talks about what FoodMan has done for his business:

We have saved over 40 hours of administration work per week since making the move to FoodMan and we are also much more confident with our reconciliation process. Having the confidence in the automated billing system and seamless integration into Sage Account package we have focused on further reduction of our returns. With the advanced capabilities that FoodMan brings we were able to reduce our returns down to 4%. We are now looking into how much we can increase sales in shops were all that we put in sells out. This will help us help us create even tighter and more focused growth plans all with the help of FoodMan.

Over and above all the features, what I really like about FoodMan is the team behind it. InfoSoft NI are always on hand to deal with any issue. We can call upon their help at any time of the day and we usually get the issue resolved while on the phone. They are also always analysing the system to see how it can be improved. With FoodMan you are not buying a system that's static for the next 10 years. Every few month's new innovative features are added on, to further help us increase profitability and reduce resources we need to do that.

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